You learn how to be better.
How to say hello with the perfect pinch of sweets.
How to breathe nice and easy.
How to jump into words intellectually,just to sustain the rhythm.
Even with complications that are presented.
You rise hoping to set something just right.
To put everything back into its right alignment.
How to flow freely like the branches of trees in the breeze of fall.
How to wait for that perfect moment to sneak on your future.
Only bringing journeys that lacked fables or morals.
To one who lacks the knowledge of love and hate.
I'm free of that lascivious demon that still locks it's power on me.
Which makes me gabble about how good he makes me moan.
To later, saying how much I hate him again.
To right back to I love you.
I'm flying high in the sky.
Only to realize, that"We" we're falling.
To be truly honest, he made me see that yesterday's past is now.
Which made me more furious to kill this demon once and for all.
Before the blade was drawn.
He told me that love is not as simple as a fairy tale
That love is simply understanding ye.
Until now, til yesterday , and the future.
That's when I knew it was time.
Time to be free.

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