Free is what she wanted to be though it wasn't in the air she breathed. Trapped between the walls of a forgotten town where all her dreams seemed to drown.
She was born with fire in her heart, but it started going cold after 5 years old. The roads was long, but they didn't take her where her heart belonged. Every road every corner she passed seemed to take her back to her past. She cried for a love that died.
Standing in front of her childhood home she could see the unknown.
She could see through the white door and go back to the family war.
A war that lasted for years left a floor stained with tears.
She'd lay on the ground And pray that God would tair those walls down. Maybe then the unknown would be seen, but this for her was another drowned dream.
She lived in a hushed town with voices all around.
She was burdened by a secret that caused her hell with a dream that all would be well.
She was a child with a horrible fate and that secrete uncovered too late. Her body couldn't take another hit and she was left there with a heart that had quit.
Her murderer was her own father, but to care he didn't bother.
Even though death consumed her last breath she is and will always be the girl who wanted free.

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