Locked up in my shell and I don't want to break free
ashamed of what people might think of me
so I keep my secret tucked so deep inside
thinking the best thing to do is hide
from my truth and my lies
long nights and soft cries
oh why? why was I the chosen one
feeling like my life had ended when it really just begun
I have been put in this box without a warning
forced to deal with a disease i wasn't born with
but how can one be so cold
I'm not trying to make the same mistakes
so its time for me to be bold
speak my truth and let it go, learn to love myself and
let the world know that i am proud to be who am
and to to walk in my shoes you have to have tough skin
because life is not easy especially not the one I'm in
so today i am coming out of my shell
its been to long three hard years only made me strong
but im free now cant you see
im free now do you hear me
free of my hurt and my pain
no more hiding this disease
its killing my brain im free

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