Free at Last

A slight whisper of that of a child comes into my ear
I strain to here its soft spoken voice
It says to me "You've finally done it"
I look around and see nothing
I speak back in a low voice as well
"What is it that I have done?"
I fell a small hand on my shoulder
Then I hear her voice again
"You have found someone to let me free"
Stunned and confused I quickly responded
"Who are you my dear"
I feel a gust of wind surround my body
I close my eyes only for a brief moment
When I re open them I see a child flash before my eyes
With my eyes wide open I hear her voice again
"I am you"
I fall to my knees and begin to cry
I feel her arms wrap around me
"Don't cry, This is a good thing,
you found a man to let you release me from this cage"
I close my eyes and whisper thank you to the sky
When I open them, I am filled with peace and relaxation
Because of you I feel whole again
My inner child is finally home
My cage has been thrown away
Never to return!

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