Free Bird

Locked in a vintage, golden cage
Was a bird as vibrant as midnight rays.
He tweeted and ate most of his life-
Tweet, tweet, tweet -
He looked out the window in delight.
He knew he could fly, he just needed a chance.
He nuzzled the lock with silver letter graced across it.
"Keep closed, and don't let the bird fly free,"it read.
It hurt him to know that all his life,
If he didn't fight, he'd just be to look at,
Stuck in that life.
Nuzzled the lock, and it came undone,
Busted through the cage door and swirled back,
Hit the lights, and then flew past,
Out the window and towards the west-
Never forget where you came from, and don't ever go back.
That's the story the man told me when I asked of his past;
He left the place where he was raised
Because they didn't give him the time of day.
He knew he was meant for more,
So he nuzzled the golden, vintage cage
With silver letters graced across it.
Then he flew away,
Because a free bird is never meant for a cage.

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