Free Emotion

her smile is brighter than any diamond
her touch is more valuable than gold
her eyes, a piercing halo of light
to feel anything less should be a crime
love is her angelic face
lust is her wet lips
her name alone describes beauty
never knew tears could sting
my mind won't let me forget
to fall in love with such a woman
has to be the kind of games
my head likes to play
tried to be a friend, tried to be there
it was nothing more than an eclipse
so beautiful with a mystery
only to be blinded with light
cold and dark now live with my head
red glossy eyes in a smoke-filled room
she was the prettiest
never a warm night, always a silent echo
she's the girl of my dreams
she is anyone's drug
likeable and loveable
not a kiss, a hug, even a wink
I will love her so
just to smile as death frees my emotions

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