Free fall

With untapped potential,
he stood at the edge of a cliff
Trying to conjure up enough strength
to descend into the world below
All it took was a final push from a preexisting force
Only this time, I decided to go with it than against it

The wind strikes more harshly at quickening speeds
The faster I go, the cooler the breeze
When this ride ends, I do not know
But before it does, I wish I'd have learned how to soar
For the earth is so resilient and will not conform
It was better to disdain myself
from the troubles which I cannot resolve
But the ball has begun to fall,
and the strains of descent
have begun to take their toll
Moments between life and death, panic and relief
One starts to realize the gravity in stepping off
That it is not about the destination but the flight
In a place where conflict and resolution coincide
We learn how to fly!

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