Free Faller

She was a free faller
That had to worked for a dollar
To be tucked into her waist
Her toes rarely hit the ground
The music was always too loud
As she spun on her pole for the crowd
So hectic that one day she said
"I want to lie down
On the cold and flat ground
The place where I've never felt welcomed
I'll find a large tree and it'll all be up to me
Wether or not I'll be a free faller"

He was a free faller
That was known as a baller
Shooting hoops to make his next check
Girls would hang by his neck
And give him quick pecks
But nobody stuck around
So superficial that one day he said
"I want to hit the ground
And finally sleep safe and sound
Without being circled by these vultures
The noise of court gives me no joy anymore
And I don't live for anything more
So I'll make my own hoop
And shoot with a swoop
So I can become a free faller"

A child looked down
To his mothers grave
Fighting back tears in his eyes
He looked at his father
Face swollen with tears
Starting up at the sky
Nothing made sense
He had done his chores
He was a quite and respectful little boy
So he turned to his aunt for an explanation
Knowing his father could only cry
"Your mommy was sick
She couldn't help it
She loved you very much
I think you kept her feet planted
Just a little while longer
Than the rest of us all originally thought
Her brain was angry at her mind
And you know she didn't like fighting
So she took a leap
Off into the deep
And finally she was a free faller"

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