Free Falling

“Raise your arms.”
The man, only a few years older than me, 18 at most, straps the contraction over my chest
I release the stress from my arms
The strap didn't feel secure
Should I tell the guy?
Second thoughts
I shouldn't.

The ride. It’s been waiting numerous months for my appearance.
My stomach, screaming as it begs to get off, while my mind, ecstatic, filled with anticipation of flying.
I clench my friend’s hand
Like if she was a guardian
We squeal as the announcer prepares us for take off
“What if the safety harness broke?”
“Are you crazy, no that wouldn't happen.”

The coaster flies
We rush into the sky
I felt invincible like Icarus soaring across the blue
I want to look over to my friend, still holding her hand
The wind was too strong I can only see the sun
There we are, fluttering through the clouds
Until I got too close to the sun,
The harness falls like the soft feathers of Icarus’s wings

I feel the subtle movement, slow, but sure
My arms free fall forward
The guardian next to me, still comforting my feelings then releases her hand from mine
My belt catches the seat, he's not ready to go, or plummet into the water
The roller coaster stops
I flew into the clouds like Icarus, yet I live to tell the tell.

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