Free Girl

I once watched a girl who wanted to be free,
I knew her very well but she didn't know me.
She wandered aimlessly in life, searching for some answers,
But the path she was on, was like a growing cancer.
The path was very broad and she thought it was the way,
It seemed so free and easy, she dreamed of it everyday.
It took her to a place, it didn't feel right,
She ran herself all day, and partied every night.
Her heart burned like fire, but she didn't know why,
Her eyes were blind with tears, when she looked into the sky.
She asked her conscience why she didn't feel free,
Her conscience spoke tell me.
Life is such a bummer, she said, I wish I was never born,
The world is so cruel, an everlasting thorn.
One day she came to know a man who finally set her free,
He saved her from herself, that's how it came to be.
She learned the path to freedom is not the easy way out,
There must be a goal, without any doubt.
It takes a little effort and discipline too,
But once she had that, her life became new.
Her heart grew and grew, she's reaching out to you.
Now I recognize the girl who wanted to be free,
For when I look into the mirror, that girl was really me.

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This Poems Story

I wrote "Free Girl" after I had a divine intervention by God. He showed me the path to freedom in recovery. I refused going on vacation with my family over the 4th of July holiday weekend. I was sixteen, rebellious, and wanted to stay home and party with friends. Fortunately, God showed up. I had a life-threatening overdose, which almost took my life. When the symptoms began, my friends abandoned me in fear. With no religious background, scared and alone, I called out, "Jesus help me." After being saved by the Savior, I never questioned my faith again.