Free Life

Living A Free Life

No matter how hard or difficult life can be, live it,
enjoy the ups and downs, laugh, cry, fall apart, but
most importantly stand up and enjoy because we are
given this life once. Live your life by being the super
hero, otherwise let someone else enjoy it for you. Dare to realize
some childhood dreams, by being innocent and curious. It's not
enough to want to become successful, neither think, hope,
or believe. Sometimes you have to act. If you happen to give away
something, give it with love, without expecting anything in return.
You can sometimes have moments of pain, hate, you find that life is
unfair, feel betrayed, or abandoned. In those kind of moment, you just
need to listen to your heart no matter what you're feeling it will help
you overcome those moments. Live your life and take care of it, it's a
gift given to you. And it's really up to you to go through all the struggle
to be happy.

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