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I sometimes wonder who I am
If I will ever make a difference in this big world
If my words were strong enough for a person to remember
I see myself in the mirror
There are days where I wake up with swollen eyes from the tears from the night before
I sometimes grow weak when the pressure is on
I wonder will I be strong enough to withstand the world
I see people with passion I Awe to be just like them
With no fear

But the question draws to me
Is who I am?
What can I do
I'm still young trying to find something
I'm not sure what it is
I feel empty like I'm missing something
When I sing I get happy in my mind
I'm always thinking will the message reach to them?
Will I be able to reach their hearts
I struggle sometimes when I sing
I have been told I have no heart when I sing
But cannot figure out why
I study hard what the words mean the lyrics and the artist
But I seem to never get it right
I ask myself am I really meant to be a singer?
At times I question myself thinking will I ever learn
Will I ever get better
Or is just a waste of time
Am I giving false hope?

My father when I was younger used to sing with me all the time
He played my pink guitar he had bought me
I remember all I did was sing in my childhood
I would always sing with him
And I still have the songs memorized that we had sung together
MY father always smiling when I sang and our laughter
How much fun I had sung with my father

I wish to go back to the past of where I sang with my father every day it seems
Though I cannot find the same passion I had
For the longest, I had a passion for performing
And sing
But there were so many people saying no to me
To the point where for 12 years I had the fire in me to sing
But recently 2 years now I seem to have died the 12-year-old died in me
I can’t seem to find the same smile I had and now
I’m just this broken piece of puzzles splattered around in the world
Where I have walk
I’m trying to find myself again once more
My anger goes to frustration because I can’t seem to find it I can’t seem to find me
To the present me I’m sorry I gave up on myself too soon that I left myself
Searching for the once happiness I had when I sang
Where I had the soul in me
I’m still working to get the soul in me so when people sing they can tell its genuinely that I worked hard
but now that I realize it now in this very moment
the reason why I loved singing so much was because of my father, it was when he took the time to spend time with me
where he himself would sing along with me in the late afternoon
I realized he was the reason I wanted to sing.

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