Free the Jailbird…

Perched inside my tiny jail, I gaze out through the bars longingly.

The place I sit is foul, causing my soul to slowly drain away,
Yet I don’t leave, no, I cant leave.
Wings clipped, chain around my ankle, all things to keep me grounded,
This is not a cage it is jail, and I, am its jailbird.

I had escaped once, the chain broken, and door left ajar,
I took flight, to a far place that had been once out of reach,
Once landing, I had been ambushed.

Colors flashed every which way, too bright for my eyes and mind to process,
The air so thick, and filled with the smell of exotic flowers,
Which had to have come from Eden itself.

But such a fool I had been,
My Senses had been mangled in too many stimulants at once,
I hadn’t notice, I should’ve noticed, the chain I had just escaped creeping.
As quick as I had landed, I was yanked back to my cage.

I had fought, after being free how could I not,
but now I am perched in my tiny jail,
Gazing through my bars longingly, while also anticipating,
Planning for the time the doors once again open.

Because once I’ve taken flight,
I shall flock back to the place I long,
To the place I belong.

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