Free Will or Gods Will

God is so cruel why was he so crass
My sister, a 17 year old gone so fast
She was beautiful the world didn't deserve
But me a monster a place is reserved
A place so hot with gnashing of teeth
I'll kick and I'll scream for some sort of release
Then I'll remember the person I was
Give up on pleading for the pain to stop
Accept my fate a place away from God
Tell Satan himself to punish me abroad
When death comes one day, just as I ask
Will he slowly walk towards me as I find my peace
Make amends with the world
Finally, my soul will be released
Hell is definitely a place for me
But not something I want as it's not up to me
He the one we call God
Gives us free will but still holds the wand
Fate is something we must accept
Free will is garbage if everything is set
The story is true Jesus picked his place
Or was it that his story was just premade
You can argue, fight and disagree
But according to the book Jesus wasn't free
His story was foretold before he was born
A script he held, even his crown of thorns
Death has found Him upon His cross
It shook all of Rome, his disciples were lost
He could've been saved many a time
But God his father had to prove he was right

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