Because if all I seek is freedom
How do you feel about me stealing it?
Taking it like a savage and I haven't even gotten my chance
Gotten my chance to tell you how I really feel
How I feel to be trapped behind your doors
while you go out and explore
Explore this world for what it really is
And you can't even give me a chance to advance
Because you're so caught up in the past
They say your past shapes your future and this is true
But for me it only helps me see a better me, so let me be
Give me a shot at freedom and you'll be amazed and left in a daze
But these days behind these doors go by slow
slower than molasses in the middle of winter
Waiting to be let out
Rather than trapped in is constantly in this head
The head that you so righteously found a way to get into
Not having to manipulate because you took it upon yourself
to amputate your way in and expect it not to bother me!
Bother me deep inside! Because I'm not supposed to cry?
Because everything is supposed to be kept inside!
Whatever I feel is best kept inside because you can't seem to care
Because your time is too precious for my line
so once again you push that key further away
so you won't have to fess up to what you've locked inside
No! There's nothing to hide, let me out, let me shine
So the whole world can see your best secret kept inside!

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