It wasn't easy, my friend
Once I started, there was no end
Busting brick walls and cutting up pipes
Such a devious plan, and no one ever thought I was the type
These were painful days and no one ever cared
But after six long months, I was out of there!
The big, bright, blue moon shone down on me as I leapt
As I fled across the ground, a skip in my step
Like I said, it wasn't easy
Two fugitives just looking to live, just as we should
Pepper shakers in our pockets
We ran as far as we could
Eventually, we were found
Everything was wrecked
And that's when reality came into check

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This Poems Story

This poem is actually based off the story of the two prisoners who escaped from prison on June 6, 2015. On the day that one of them was caught, I wrote this poem, inspired by their half-baked ideas of escape. The line, "pepper shakers in our pockets," refers to how they stole basic kitchen staples from a trailer. Now, when I first started writing poetry, I usually wrote horror. I soon changed to incorporate my own feelings in my poems. I now write poetry that I, or even other people, feel emotion when they read.