With this black skin, does my life not matter?
Do I diserve a gun to my head?
Just becouse i'm angry about the fact that you shot another brother
Words that are often said
Unheard until snipers start taking out the feds
Officers are turning of the lights...of black people and screaming
We have human rights, where?
Chicago fed took a 19 year old black boys life
Sued the family for $10 million because he claimed he was traumatised
I have to laugh, because if I don't laugh I'll cry
Don't shoot, don't shoot, I don't want to die
Another broken heart, another black body laying on the side
Shoot a young black boy but wouldn't swat a fly
#Allfliesmatter, all lives matter, kkk, I mean ok ok ok
Black lives don't matter, these lies are what matter
to keep a black person silent, please im scared
these black people are so violent
Freedom, that's all we want, freedom
Freedom to be black, freedom
Freedom to not be shot in the back, freedom
Freedom to see the age of 21, freedom
Freedom please officer put down the gun, freedom
Freedom I don't want to die, tell my mum I love her
Please do not give up this fight for freedom

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