Picture a sun shower when it pour down raining the sun come out.
That's the outcome of my life right now.
After the rain sunshine.
For me basically overcoming the pain and struggles now shining bright.
If I never knew pain how can I deeply appreciate joy.
Without situations how can I have learned patience.
Without patience how can one fully live life.
Let's talk about free
Not imprisoned; not under obligation
Followed by that word called will.
So with freewill it gives us the desire to chose right or wrong.
Now if you guided to pick the right or wrong things,
At the end of the day it's consequences.
With the choice of doing right it bonds you with that word free.
Not imprisoned; know obligation
Most of the time picking the wrong things have you trapped into some kind of bondage that's a path to darkness that seem inevitable to escape.
Now your feeling like everything was a mistake.
So now when I think about freewill I think of the best decisions to make

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This Poems Story

I was a troubled teen growing up.Jail after jail I'm finally tired.I decided to make better decisions for a healthier life.