For what is a home
If unable to roam
Or a nest when flight can never be?
For what is a bed
But where we rest our head
To man who is truly free.
To be controlled or contained
Is to be restricted or restrained
To be borrowed or leased
Is to be tethered or leashed
Don't sign the form
The white flag of the free
From the rules that are written
To the terms we agree
I will slip through the gaps
If my name is not me
An adaptation to identification
They can only see
Just a fragmentation.
Shatter and flee
From their expectation
How we should be
Is no reflection
Not mine nor me
No retreat or surrender
A fight to succeed
Gives way to sense pleasure
glutenous greed
Material things
I don't want or need
It all ends at the start
Of the path to be freed

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