I'm not even going to get
Involved in the situation.
I can't even get involved in my
Own relationships.
Shooting star. Make a wish.
But wishes don't come true.
A lot of hope,
Followed by disappointment.
What to do?
When dreams don't just fall in your lap.
Give up or try harder?
Does it work like that?
Spending more every day
Than what it takes to live.
More than what i have
To give.
For friendship, love.
Whats that got to do with
Putting coffee in my mug?
In the morning.
A fair warning.
A challenge.
Superiors taking advantage
Of the average. How savage.
How lavish does it have to be,
For you to give up on what
You believe?
I'm not gonna get involved.
Leave me and my revolver
Out of it.
Doubt that my cash and I
Care at all about your shit.
I'm so utterly dismissive.
I barely even listen.
Only hear what i want.
And you are perfect.
No room for improvement?
I guess I'm just
So blessed
Not fretting about learning
Stashing, but can't even save myself
With these weapons.
Be brave.
Let it be.
Troubles be gone

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