Freedom for All

They came to this country in hopes of better days
A chance for freedom to embrace them and divisions to die
And believe that they may not be judged by color and shade
And that nobody could deny them the life they try to exemplify

But there are those who smite this pillar
This pillar upon which the country was founded
And causes discrimination and separation, the world ever-chiller
And allows injustice to breed leaving equality confounded

Is this freedom for all? Allowing religion to dominate?
Dominate in such a way that it inhibits the rights of others?
So that certain heads can sit back and nominate
Those certain groups who don't deserve to be treated as brothers?

That is criminal, defiling the religions they hold so dear
The bigots laugh on with their new power
With every laugh follows a sorrowful tear
A tear at the newfound crime

Is this freedom? Is this why
People have flocked to this country for generations?
This country is becoming the thing it was meant to destroy
And why has it been so quiet?

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