freedom has a price

in a land were we extended our hand in peace
were we breathed the word equality
and for freedom we gave our very own life
but i have learned
that freedom has a price

because of my skin
i am looked at as some kind of thief
because of my hijab
i am suddenly a terrorist
one who hates peace
so i have learned
that freedom has a price

we can't remain silent
injustice spreads like wildfire
we must stand together
it is equality
that we now must acquire
for the hate is real
have you watched your TV?
for justice i would give my life
the revolution starts with me
for i have learned
that freedom has a price

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This Poems Story

I am a young black, Muslim, girl and i have learned that in america, a place that was born on freedom, freedom is just not free. people don't look at me as the way i truly am because of the black stereotypes and all of this hate for Muslims. So i am now fighting for freedom of indiviualty.