Freedom Is Never Free

When I called home to my mom and dad, pride welled up in my voice,
See I got the call for Afghanistan, and this time it's my choice,
Now I know you'll have some sleepless nights
and shed some tears for me, but I'm gone to fight for our freedom,
And freedom is never free.
When the plane touched down in Kandahar,
the heat and dust hit us in the face,
And I thought for just a second that it seems such a peaceful place,
Then a midnight flight on a chopper took us north into the war,
And the peacefulness was left behind, for some to see no more.
Well it didn't take too long to see the hatred in this place,
And the shots and bombs rang out daily, leaving such a bitter taste,
When the roar of battle reached deafening,
and then silence filled the sky,
Seems the price of freedom just went up and someone had to die.
By the time you get this message I'll be on my way back home,
Hold your head up high, don't cry for me because I am not alone,
For so many have gone before me from the land, the air and sea,
To pay the price for freedom,
For freedom is never free.
When you look around and see our flag flying high near land and sea,
And the pride wells up inside you for our country as should be,
Know that I have defended her and I'm as proud as proud could be,
To give myself for freedom,
For freedom is never free.

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