Freedom of a Broken Heart

Maybe one day I'll laugh again.
I haven't since the day you left...
It was also the last day I saw the sun.
After what you did to yourself...... why did you do it?
The day after you left.....
it started to rain.
It didn't stop for days.
The worst part was that you didn't leave a note...not one f*ck*ng note.
The funeral it destroyed me.
Your family didn't stop crying, not for one moment...why did you do it?
After I gathered the strength to visit your house, your parents said you had something to give me....
It was our favorite book.
I immediately ran home and broke down in tears.
I threw the book across the room...
And a note flew out.
I quickly picked it up, read it...
It was why he had done it.
He explained to me how he felt so lonely...even when surrounded by people.
How he did it so he can finally be like the birds he always wished to be, flying free...and finally I understood.
Outside I hear the rain stopping...
I go outside and see the sun.
I laughed.

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