Freedom rings in deaf men’s ears

Oh lord! let freedom ring from the mountain tops,
Let the skies be filled with rising suns,
Let the night not gather darkness anymore,
Let freedom grace her smile galore.

The not spoken disgraced truth,
Lies deep buried in the lands of orthodox,
Now breaking the ice of silence the breathless whale comes above the cold,
Shhh... people will hear her opinions oh lord!

Silenced for long but not anymore,
The women speak on the mountain tops,
Taboos left ashore on the islands of shame she swam through the oceans of hate,
For shameless and fearless is what she became.

Opinionated by hypocrites once before,
The caged bird breaks her cage herself to fly beyond the horizon.

For no longer will she be shamed as her body is a temple and she, a free bird.

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This Poems Story

This poem was purely an outcome of my observation of the lives of the numerous women who thrive around me. I realized that although equality is a fight in action but still women are portrayed as the weaker sex who seem to be begging for there rights. So here is to all women who fight for their own rights because they know they are the makers of the future.