Freedom- the love within us

“Freedom”, to say is a very simple word
For some, it’s what they crave
For others, they’re oblivious to the fact that it’s what they already have.
But what’s the meaning of freedom anyway?

It is, when women can walk the streets without the fear of being raped,
When people actually start to feel safe.
It is, when corruption doesn’t cripple another life
And to feed themselves people don’t have to beg and fight.
Freedom creates an identity for us
It awakens patriotism in our hearts.

There are thousands of refugees with no address to call home, no nation to call their own and no assurance of a blooming future? Who are we to deprive them from all the wonders of this world? This world is as much ours as theirs, therefore we must not allow fickle reasons such as ethnicity and religion to take away their right to belong. Why are they not allowed to be free?

Globally, we hear, we feel, the unbearable misery of our peers
Yet, we take no initiative to console their poverty, hunger and thirst.
Our apartheid and aristocracy must come to an end, for these lives lost shall not go in vain. My world shall emerge in congenial coexistence.

Soldiers are free,
As they unmask their souls to the sharp edge of the merciless sword to safeguard their beloved nations.
Mothers are free,
As their unconditional love for their children makes them invincible.
Fathers are free,
Because even with their fatigued bodies and stressed minds, they shelter their beloved families against the relentless storms of life.
The little girl with innocent brown eyes, who waters those colourful flowers at her window sill everyday hoping to keep them alive, is free.
Love is what sets us free.
Unity is what sets us free.

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