Freedom’s Calling

A nation built on freedom, but not so long ago
Men's blood ran rampant through the hills
As battlefields began to show.
the greatest price of liberty is the precious price of life.
Remembering those who fought and fell every day and night.
Oppressors of our freedom are gathered all around
This nation fought, many died, so no longer we bow to the crown.
To be American is to be free
Those men and women fought for me.
Now hear forth freedom's calling
Watch now as enemies are falling.
This land is free and belongs to generations after me.
For since the birth of this nation war has raged on.
Through bullets blazing, bombs detonating, nations bombarding.
We heard through the land freedom's calling.
the brave soldiers saw a cause worth dying for.
A place where men, women, and children could prosper and explore.
All these memories, tragedies, and fights fought hard and won.
Are present on my mind this Independence Day.
Decorations of red, white, and blue, strung up all around.
As fireworks up above in the warm July night explode.
This brings forth memories of battles long ago.
Where the bangs, booms, and colors in the sky were then
Guns firing, fires raging, and cannons striking.
the blood stained ground where soldiers fell, calls out to us all.
Freedom's calling.

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