Did you have hopes and dreams?
Did you ever want to solve the world's mysteries?
It's all up in history!
Our love is our foundation,
it's the cement below our feet.
Here we are standing on sand in complete darkness.
Yes, I am a leprechaun.
And I do close my eyes when we make love.
Do you believe in magic?
I'll bring the power down to you, I'll be the foreworks.
Actually, I can make things appear with my mind.
Hold on,
let me part the ocean.
You see,
all you need is a good mind set.
Now go enjoy Atlantis.
Oops, I farted... It was a joke.

It was a joke..

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    This Poems Story

    A true made believe story of 2 frogs standing by the ocean. (it's make believe)...I'm kidding again. ..Or is it ...Real..... ..Maybe (Funniest thing you will ever read in your lifespan.)