Freeway Lullaby

I sat on the side of the freeway last night
Leaving a place I didn't want to be
Headed for someplace that I had yet to find
No one came searching for me
Not that I had expected them to

So many lives drove by
With things to do and places to be
Eyes focused on the taillights ahead
No one slowed to ask why I was out here alone
Not that they could stop if they wanted to

As I walked alone the rush of cars
Caught my hair and whipped it into my face
I shoved my hands deeper into my pockets
No one would see me cry
Not that I would ever let the tears out

The setting sun cast shadows in my soul
But the rushing torrent of cars
Full of people, thousands going by every minute
Passing with red lights leaving me behind
A forward rush of white on the other side
Made me feel so very alone

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