Fresh and New

Hand tracing over the blade fresh and new,
"Only one time," you whisper and one turns to two,
Next there's no stopping, you are addicted,
No one knows, your minds too complicated.
Years pass, does anyone see?
Your cut up wrists under layers like the sea,
If anyone saw, would they even care?
Would they save you from this nightmare?
You cry yourself to sleep at night,
And try with all your might,
To stop this terrible thing you've started,
Wishing life would have restarted.
One mistake is all it takes,
And you'll leave behind nothing but heartaches.
But soon it's too late,
And that's the date.
You've gone too far this time,
Was it worth that final line?
Your once beautiful lively face now frozen, pale and cold,
You cut your life short, never going to grow old,
Your final breath leaves your lips,
Way too soon but you've signed the slip.
Your life is over, that the way your actions arranged,
And now there's no way to change.
If only you never put your hand over the blade, fresh and new...

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