Friday 9/27

Home after a day,
Hoping for a dinner tray,
None to be found,
Eat what’s around,
Call a friend,
But I fail to apprehend,
Time to reorganize,
Call a couple of other guys,

I arrive at the game,
Hoping to not be lame,
Find an unexpected seat,
An unfulfilled dream complete,
The front row,
My expectation of the game starts to grow,

It’s not all what it seems,
There go the dreams,
I need relief,
Something between my teeth,
Just a little to relax,
To calm the nerves and help to naturally act,

Maybe returning to normality will relieve,
A swamp instead of an oasis,
Changing what I believe,
I’m not cut out for this,

To stare off into nature,
Coming up with clever nomenclature,
Instead I’m here,
Surrounded by digesting beer,
A strange inner fear,
No explanation,
Stomach full of butterflies with no destination,
Time to fly,

I think of my underlying and unreasonable fears,
While automatic hands and feet deftly change gears,
Rushing back to the day,
All the things to say,
Memories fresh from fray,
Pop back to reality,
This tragedy,

Why is the present never as pleasant,
While the past and future seems so deep and vast,

Then I’m home,
Typing words into google docs on my phone.

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