I did not eat for the first two days
I barely remember it's all in a haze
Seeing you at work was the hardest part
But you seemed okay so it was a start
I keep thinking about things that I miss
So many things, but of all, our first kiss
Or all the times when we just laid in bed
All this thinking is messing with my head
I miss the holidays we spent together
Now our relationship seems to untether
I always was mad about crumbs in your bed
But now I just miss them I wish I were dead
I can't shake this feeling or hurt in my chest
I wish there was some way I could actually rest
I want to just tell you the way I still feel
But you need time alone some time to heal
I get that, I do, I'm just saying its hard
I'm just so upset I'm mentally scarred
I miss holding your hand I thought you cared
I’m just really hurting I can't breathe and I'm scared
I know you said it might not be the end
But that's what they all say and then it's just “friend”

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