Friend in Me

You define a woman by her skirt length
Nothing more
Is that all we are to you
The next generations whores?
You shout at me like you
catcall a woman on the street
Is this how you greet
every woman you meet?
With a hello and a glance
at everything between her face
and where her feet meet the pavement
And then a long sigh
A look of condescending despair
And that one little comment
"Your hem shouldn't be there"

This harassment should no longer be tolerated
Forget the skirt
Truly look at HER and she'll be liberated
Its time to stop trapping girls in their skin
They are not things to be edited
They are your kin

We can be your fiercest ally or greatest enemy
Ultimately it is YOUR choice
Whether or not you've got a friend in me

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See people for who they are. Not for how they look. People are so much more than just what you see.