Friend Zone

Whispered words at dawn,
The heat generated by a brush of flesh.
Electric shocks pulsing through my muscles after a lingering glance.
The wildfire raging in my stomach
Every time we're in the same room.
Heart pounding in my chest so violently rapid,
it is a stampede of wild horses
threatening to burst through my rib cage.
Your distinct aroma wafting through my room
and lingering even after you're gone.
Wishing to see you if only to be near you.

Looking at you I know this is what love is:
That goofy smile painted on your face when she walks in the room
The exuberantly giddy rhythm of your voice when you say her name
Those probing eyes that linger on her until she makes eye contact
You falling on your face after attempting to do a backflip
Love is what you give her and what I secretly want with you.

I desire...

No heartache that rips my heart from my chest
like one of Zeus's lightning bolts tears through the sky
No tears that stream down my face like rain on a car windshield
No guilt weighing me down like an anchor holding down a ship.
I wish you loved me the way you love her.

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