Friendly reminder

A lost sailor is undoubtedly choiceless,
In making friendship with the nearby star at night

Also, blind men have intimacy with their staffs,
When no one is around

It as always been said, show me your friends
And I will tell you who you are

Sarcastically such an adage is lithely confine
Because shadows do leave us in the absence of light

Only does it shows up by a reflected light
Like there exist false friends and open enemies

Whose felonious assault can stab one from behind
But the cronies and confidantes are quite rare

Just like rainbow that comes once in a while
Losing an enemy in disguise is a blessing in disguise

Losing a friend for an enemy is somehow hurting
And may evoke trauma

For there are reasons to every occurrence in life
When you are nobody, you have few sincere friends

But when you are otherwise,
Many ungodly hearts wants to have you as friends

Trust nobody,
The devil was acclaimed to be once an angel

It's realistic that we human different in behaviors
So reconciling strengthens up the bond of friendship

Nevertheless, an honest man has few friends
But the few good ones are the ones you need

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