Friendly Reminder

Sometimes you need a friendly reminder.
About what you might ask?
You and everyone around hide behind twisted masks.
You try and fit in and wear the latest wear.
You fix your faces to cover up what's really there.
You believe your head even though it speaks lies.
You believe your ears but falsehood it cries.
You do your hair to match the new look for today.
You try it on though it's not going to fit, pay anyway.
You want to be skinnier though you are already slim.
Why you are at it, give your hair a trim.
Tears you cry when you alone because it's just pain.
Your emotions will never be clear like cellophane.
So take of your mask and throw it away.
That friendly reminder might just save the day.
If you still don't believe me, pick back up your mask.
If you have question don't bother to ask.
Put it on forever and fit in with the crowd.
Like Dr. Sues says.
Why blend in when you are born to stand out?

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