A short kids story by
William T Anthony
October 6, 2020


I started another school today it's very different in every way, my best friend I will call him Sam, he's from another country than I am, I don't care about the difference that people see he's my best friend to me, we both look different and was raised a different way, color to me I don't see he's my best friend to me, we do everything together him and I when I hurt he or I am sad, he tries to make me laugh he's very good at that, who cares what people say it doesn't matter in anyway, friends are friends no matter what he's my friend I like him a lot, he's the only best friend that I have got we do everything together on the playground our school has got, we run and run we have so much fun, he's my best friend and were both different than most everyone but that's ok no matter where he's from, he's my best friend and we have lots of fun.

I hope everyone likes this, in this world today who cares what people see or say, were all the same in every way, God made us all different and that's all I need to say.

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This Poems Story

This is a story that shows no matter who or where we are from we can still be friends. There\'s too much hate in this world and we are all the same inside.