Friends we are and friends we'll be if thats it so mote it be.
I take my time I take it slow if I'm pushed my top will blow.
Let you in or kick you out Its up to you with out a doubt.
Jealous ways in ungrateful haze does it pay .
Act so smug and act so tuff with ignorance I can't trust.
No excuse and no regrets the attitude I did not expect.
Act your age show respect if you dont I'll object.
In the end you will see I keep it real thats just me.
Now make the chose hows it gonna be? Are we friends or enemy's?
This is real and up to you make the chose and follow threw.
If you bicker and not own up I'll be done my door will shut.
Make your choice show your truth in the end its up to you.
Control your anger control that hate, If you dont its your mistake.
If you don't I'll stand strong i have no problem i'll move on.
So friends we are and friends we'll be if at all we shall see.

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Had to let him know how I felt about his action