Friends are Lies

By Ez   

Friends are Lies
By Ez

There was a being, who had nothing to befriend,
for no help came his way, not a hand would they lend.
For he was viewed as darkness and pain,
and from this, a reputation he did gain.
His friends are actors, and they know it too,
saying they’re his friends, but he knows it isn’t true.
For a friend helps, not run when he draws near,
but he knows the truth, for they are full of fear.
Stuck between him and others, so from him, they flee,
using him for their gain, for in this they find glee.
Staying with him, for only he accepts their flaws,
they talk with him, but they slowly destroy his laws.
For they play him, and from him they only take,
they think he’s fooled, but he knows their bond is fake.
For from a bad reputation, he slowly begins to believe,
then from his good side, he then decides to leave.
But little do they know, for he plays them back,
he knows their thoughts, so their lives he shall attack.
But this is not the meaning of friends, but of hate,
for if this is friendship, then it shall be his dreadful fate.
For if this is friendship, then friends are vials of poison,
destroying freedom’s keys, then they lock him in hate’s prison.
Friends are useless, for this isn’t how friendships take place,
for friends forgive, and to each other, they show grace.
Friends since kids, but others separated their bond,
then from this, to the other, they did become more fond.
For he was left behind, stuck back in his past,
wishing with everything, their friendship would last.
But they moved on fast and left him in confusion,
for they were fake, is his only conclusion.
He tries to save himself, but he loses to the other,
then from there, he slowly turns into just another.
But acting is their skill, so they say they're still his friend,
but their eyes are full of hate, so he goes with their pretend.
But at the end of the day, he’s always left alone,
full of sadness, for all his feelings are unknown.
For the word, “Friends” is a term that always dies,
but friends aren’t liars, no, Friends Are Lies.

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