Friends but Foe

Friends but foe they are
In your presence they laugh
Embedded in that laugh is
Something you never believe
they could wish you

white as snow they appear
but dark like tar is their mind
of poisonous plots
like snake’s venom
that destroys the blood of man

you only see them when all is well
they are birds
that stay on the branch when firm
but fly
when tested with a shake

if only we could see
the evil plots of man
that which they coat with pretence
how lovely would it have been?

Many generous souls
These poor sincere souls
May not have drowned in the sea of their plots
If only they knew
that they are friends of betrayal

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This Poems Story

Betrayal has been the order of the day. Disloyalty to friends and relatives. Only if we could access their minds, this abyss of a ruin might have been prevented.