Friends Forever

You say we'll be friends forever, we'll live to protect each other.
Will I leave your side when you need me most? Never.
I hope you'll do the same, not just sometimes but forever.
We said we'll be together, we said together forever.
Though it didn't last we're friends now, friends now and forever.
You and I have this connection just holding us together.
Something like a chain, a bond, just something inside our heart.
So if we talk to each other and can't live without one another;
Nothing can nor will pull us apart.
We live to die but when you die, I'll be there by your side.
Reconsidering who we are; never because one plus one makes two.
That number just makes me and you.
Thoroughly thinking about our next step in life; we need to decide.
Life is to short to decide so quickly, relax and enjoy the moment.
Friends to the end we are, hate me or love me our relationship's ajar.

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