Friends we\'re supposed to trust

A box of faded pictures
black and white, some sepia tone,
color images, of my friend and i
long ago, we'd never let go.

when we played, our souls the same.
we super glued our hearts together
friday night poker, clubs we joined
our bonds were going to last forever.

we shared our adventures with each other
we'd help when the other was down
how can people be so close
when the other is not around?

we make plans for the weekend
he'd cancel at the last minute
he had something more important to do,
watching TV is my bailiwick.

hearing from others what he really did
i didn't understand why he lied
with a forked tongue to cover his tracks
why didn't we go together' i cried.

he'd only give me a call
when his plans fell through,
over and over again,
i always gave in
and ignored all the signs of the truth.

he only pretend to be my friend
when he had nothing else to do,
he didn't like something i did for him
and wouldn't you know it, he said we're through.

a stiletto right through my heart
I bled till i was empty
the glue i thought would last forever
was paste not worth a penny.

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Tags : Friends, Life, Trust, Rhyme, Being Used

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This Poems Story

Sometimes we think we are really close to another person, but in reality they only used your friendship when it was convenient for them.