Friends With My Lies

We all get lost at some point
But do we wanna be found?
Is it the same feeling when they’re not around?
I tie up my laces and run by these faces
But can never tell when to switch paces
Two steps forward, five steps off track
One knife if the front, one knife in the back
I’m friends with my time
I’m friends with my lies
Always given a choice but never decide
I’m buckled up but don’t wanna ride
All the relief it just won’t appeal
Tell me the lies so I can feel real
I dance with the devil I might want a deal
The wrong side of heaven the right side of hell
To all of my brethren that caught when I fell
I see my wrongs and love the redemption
Anxiety keeps me from making a mention
Hate all the crowds but love the attention
I’m my best friend
I’m my worst enemy
The weight on my shoulders feels like there’s 10 of me
Tell me you love me even if you want to get rid of me
I know how to swim but this pain is much deeper
Send me the ladder even if it gets steeper
I can’t promise I’ll climb
I can’t promise my time
I promise it’s okay
I can promise I’m fine
I can’t promise I’m truthful
I’m friends with my lies

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