Friendship is a beautiful treasure
whose worth is beyond all earthly measure.
Like two great ships sailing life's sea
they wait and prepare for what is to be.
The seas may get rough that's no surprise
but the friendship they know will always survive.
Some friendships last for many a year
and go through the seasons without shedding a tear.
True friendship will last through all stormy weather
and thrive in the peace of staying together.
When friends number many, what a wonderful thing,
it will fill your heart, make it want to sing.
Like two friendly ships that pass in the night
some friendships won't last and that is alright.
It makes no difference, apart or near,
some friends you see just once a year.
You never know when a friendship will start,
treasure the moment, keep it close to your heart.
A good friend will be there no matter the need
and always be ready to do a good deed.
Life can be lonely without having a friend
especially one who is there till the end.

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