Friendship turned into Love

This poem is going to be in a letter format sort of a thank you letter to someone who helped me become happy through the bad, and made me feel special without ever knowing.

to many it's 4 numbers telling the time of the day, others it may be the time set to wake up for a long dreadful night of work, 10:30pm could be meaningless and meaningful. To me that time was meaningful that was the time i met my
B-liss, I-magination , O- ptomistic self, and R-adiant new beginning. That was the time i met you. I instantly felt everything a person should feel for another. You gave me hope on the days i felt I shouldn't have a voice. You gave me love on the many hours i spent trying to find it. Just one regular human who added to the billion on our earth changed my entire outlook. You sit today missing me for my presence while i sit missing you for everything you gave me without the slightest idea. I thank you for making me feel like i was the only one in your eyes because even if I wasn't and you couldn't see me half the time, staring into your eyes, hugging your body making me feel as if i was one with your heart is the only clarification I needed now and then. I sometimes wish I could have met you while we were kids so I could've told you all the ways I felt about you everyday until your "I love you" was meant for me truly. For now i'll just thank you on this page and although it was just one year
It became a year i got to see and love, and i thank you for calling at 10:30pm that night.
I love you ____.

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