Friendship’s Perfidy

Oh dear friend, is it fallacious to say I abhor you?
While nitpicking technicalities is a woeful dread
I must admit your definition of friendship suffers great misconstrue

What have I done to earn your whispered malice?
Have not congeniality and pleasantry decorated our pasts?
Why now must you seek to tear down our cordial palace,
And replace it with a prison of hatred and crass?

For my ears fill with the tumultuous rumors you’ve spread
As you urge others to judge and scorn my beauties and flaws
But these are dangerous waters on which you tread
For soon tides will crash from the heavens, bequeathing purgatory for the hurt you’ve caused

I am not a foreboding beast! Whose ferocity is one you tame through humiliation
I am not a gilded comrade, whose abhorrence is hidden by perfidious smiles
I am but a victim of your capricious hearsay, leaving no hope of reconciliation
I am now but a gallivanter, uprooted by your enmity so irrationally volatile!

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Friend's deceit inspired this rant