Tea Cosy, Tea Cosy, Tea Cosy,
you are my posy,
like a spray of flowers,
you bloom for hours,
then fold up for night time sup,
sleep, dream, prepare new days cup.

I searched for your name,
thinking there might be more than one explain,
your a bulky fluffy dome on a frame,
hole for spought,
hole for handle,
you fit snuggly there is no doubt,
nothing will slip out.

You flit here,
you flit there,
of time you have none to spare,
just enough for a smile,
kiss, hug to care,
you have so much flare,
are so rare.

You've spirited away,
to avoid remote decay,
come back without delay,
so we may all make hay,
with you on another day.

Without you flowers,
in bloom are not so rosy,
i desperately miss,
your sweet little nosy.

Hooray, hooray, hooray,
your on your way.

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This Poems Story

A guy i know lives in mountains in " alternative " community. He undertook to do something before going away and didn't do it. It frustrated me. i had some critical thoughts - instead of hissing at him i wrote this.