From 2020 to 2021

Yes, I agree, 2020 was not great,
It was a frightful year that we all did hate,
Some people were left with no food on their plate,
And others were losing loved ones at an alarming rate!

Yeah, life definitely gave us a shock,
Its like pain and trauma gave our door a knock,
We all suffered a tremendous amount,
Whether its relationships, poverty or blood count!

Hopefully, now people will see,
That we have to listen to nature's plea,
A grave lesson has been taught,
That mother nature is not to be put in distraught!

And now maybe this year will shed some light,
And add some strength for the battles we have to fight,
A new year is certainly a sign of hope,
That from all troubles we shall elope!

We have a striking opportunity,a shining chance,
Lets not give our horrifying past another glance,
Old friendships to be rekindled,new ones to be made,
Slowly the darkness of 2020 will fade!

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