From A Distance

If I move closer, travel over a thousand seas to you, will I be closer in your heart? Miles and miles of land, for an ant traveling the desert of someone’s skin, I hike through terrains of all to think that I may be closer. I wonder, can physical distance accommodate for the distance from one heart to the other? Because I have swam in the ocean of my love, swam for long hoping maybe I could be closer to you. 5 inches away, at any moment. To observe you from a distance.
Just your charming beauty which must be admired from afar. I am still standing opposite the lake from you. This lake which to say is a lake but the water is unlike any other. I yearn to see your smile, even from afar, As the walls of my heart twitch in this longing. You’re like a puppeteer and I a simple rag doll. Sometimes you pull me closer when you want. And sometimes you push me away when you wish. But even in those moments when I feel far from you, your smile from a distance satisfies my heart. The pain is soothed by the pulling of your cheeks and I forget about any distance between us. I am like a traveller and you are my destination. For me even the few uttered words that I can meet you make me happy. Your words stay with me for days, putting a smile on my face. Till your words are with me I forget about any worldly worries. But then as soon as they slip away like sand, my worried pile back and I am back to the me that I hate. I come back to reality and back to worrying. Then I long again for your words to rest in my heart. I have decorated my heart for you, lined it with love. Only so you can enter and stay forever.

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