From a moment came time

From a moment came time, from time came a moment

There was no beginning before the end and no end before the beginning

Neutral is the faceless creator that all life comes from and shows nothing without showing everything

Be it in the heavens, as we slip deeper into star lights past and in that past, see a moment into our future

Be it in breath, as we fill our lungs for the last and in that moment we truly for the first time realize what breathing has meant to us

Be it in balance, as one soul’s time begins with the opening of their eyes for the first time, another soul somewhere else shares that moment as their eyes close for the last time

We exist in the space between the fabrics of an eternal blanket, the timelines of thread woven through the moments of our lives

Never was your time’s end more certain, then in the moment of your beginning

What be the point, we cry out; as we search for purpose while watching the sands fall through our life's hour glass

The point is this, love, love is the only force that breaks the power of moments and time

Love suspends time in a moment and can last forever without end, love is our greatest moment and how we find purpose in time

Live, knowing you will die and find love along the way and in that moment however brief, live forever free

From a moment came time, from time came a moment

-Clint Dooley

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Life for me is a collection of moments that will never get older and never fade. I can tap into a moment and feel it forever. I believe these moments shape our experience of heaven in the life there after.